5 Stamped Letters Examples and How to Make Them

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A stamped letter of intent is an official document that not only reflects the seriousness of an individual or group’s commitment to another party but also demonstrates compliance with applicable laws. Are you confused about how to make a stamped letter? In this article, eendigo will discuss in depth what a stamped letter is, its main functions, tips, and stamped letter examples that will be useful for you. Read more!


A statement letter is a form of written evidence that shows the commitment of an individual or group to another party. It is used to declare an ability, provide an explanation, or acknowledge a certain matter.

In the legal sector, a statement letter falls into the category of official letters and is fully protected by law, especially under the provisions of Article 1875 of the Civil Code in Indonesia.

A statement letter must comply with the applicable rules. One of them is the use of standard Indonesian following the established guidelines. In addition, the statement letter must also be signed as a sign of seriousness and full responsibility of the parties concerned.

The signature is authentic evidence that the contents of the statement letter come from the party stating and signing it. Furthermore, the letter must be affixed with a stamp duty.

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The main purpose of a stamped statement letter is to create legally valid written evidence of a statement or agreement between the parties involved.

Some specific purposes that can be identified from the use of stamped affidavits include:

1. Preventing Legal Disputes

Through stamped affidavits, parties involved in a statement or agreement can avoid potential legal disputes. The stamp is a preventive measure that reduces the risk of disputes and provides a strong legal basis.

2. Providing Legal Protection

A stamped statement letter provides legal protection for the parties involved. The document is considered valid and can be used as a basis for taking legal action in the event of a violation of the statement or agreement.

3. Creating Official Records

Another purpose of making a stamped statement letter is to create official records that can be accessed and reused in the future. This is important for documentation and reference in the context of the ongoing agreement.

4. Deal Guarantee

A stamped statement letter serves as an instrument that provides clarity regarding the responsibilities and obligations of each party. Through details recorded in the waiver, this document becomes a key reference for resolving potential disputes or disagreements at a later date.

5. Proof of Valid Agreement

A stamped statement letter assures that the agreement is made without coercion. The awareness and agreement of all parties involved is a strong basis for preparing this statement.

Therefore, if a violation occurs, the affidavit is not only physical evidence in court but also shows that the agreement was made in good faith and without pressure.

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How to Write

Making a stamped statement letter should not be done recklessly. There are several things that are benchmarks for making it. Here are tips on making a stamped statement letter.

1. Use Formal and Informative Language

A stamped statement letter must use standard and formal language. The language style used needs to reflect a level of formality appropriate to the document’s official nature. In addition, the letter should also be informative, presenting information clearly and emphatically without being verbose.

People must also consider using the Indonesian language’s Enhanced Spelling (EYD) in writing a stamped statement letter. The use of correct language and appropriate spelling are important aspects of maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the letter as an official document. Errors in language and spelling can reduce the credibility and validity of the letter.

2. Include Complete Personal Information

A distinctive feature of a statement letter is the presence of personal data written in full and in detail. Information such as name, address, identity number, and other relevant information should be listed. This helps establish the clarity of the identity of the parties involved in the statement.

3. Place the Letter Title in the Center

The uniformity of stamped statement letter formats can be seen from the title in the letter’s center. This title serves as a signifier for the letter and provides clues regarding the letter’s purpose or content.

4. Write Actual Information in the Letter

The validity of a stamped statement letter is highly dependent on the accuracy and truthfulness of the statement content. All information contained in the letter must be consistent with the facts or events. Inaccurate statements can threaten the validity and legal force of the letter.

5. Affix the Signature on Top of the Stamp with Full Name

Last but not least, affix the affiant’s signature on top of the stamp, and the affiant’s full name must also be indicated. The signature and full identification provide clarity that the statement comes from the party involved.

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Here are seven examples you can use as a reference for making a stamped affidavit.

1. Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

2. Statement of Work

Statement of Work

3. Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

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4. Parent/Guardian Statement

Parent/Guardian Statement

5. Unmarried Declaration Letter

Unmarried Declaration Letter

A stamped statement letter plays an important role in binding agreements. However, to write a statement letter, you must pay attention to the tips as described above.

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