Business Process Automation: Definition and Examples

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Business process automation (BPA) is a concrete and planned effort implemented by a single company to implement the use of technology on every front and reduce human involvement. The fundamental purpose of BPA itself is to divert human roles for more strategic interests or other important tasks.

If so, what’s the deal with BPA in today’s modern business?


Advances in technology allow companies to make changes to their work processes in order to achieve bigger targets and bring significant growth to the business. Companies must have long-term plans that they want to achieve, and one of the measurable steps in achieving these goals is to use digital technology intensively. We call the steps to implement the use of technology business process automation.

We can interpret business process automation as a strategic step taken by a company to automate manual work processes and reduce human participation. BPA can work accurately with preset algorithms so that it can increase the processing time to be shorter.

One of the most popular examples of BPA is artificial intelligence. As you might know, AI is a tried-and-tested example that can be used as a reference to explain how an automated process can work accurately and reduce errors.


Business process automation has been widely adopted by companies to gain efficiency value from the use of automated mechanisms. Going deeper, what are the tangible benefits of using BPA to boost a company’s performance?

1. Increases Efficiency

Business process automation can consistently complete critical tasks and simplify processes. Tasks that used to be done manually are now being taken over by technology to reduce work time.

2. Cutting Costs

Operational costs which are generally used more in completing workflows can be reduced because BPA technology speeds up the process and reduces errors to prevent large cost burdens.

3. Managing the Documents Automatically

Manual work methods that are usually done by humans to complete document management can be replaced with this technology. Tasks for document management are carried out automatically so that the human factor that might cause errors can be avoided.

4. Increasing Customer Service

Through the use of BPA technology that works automatically, it’s no wonder that companies can improve their customer service. In addition, customers who are satisfied with the services provided can provide a positive response to the company.

5. Elevating Accuracy

Companies that apply the use of BPA technology in completing their tasks want to ensure accurate and error-free results in contrast to humans who can cause errors due to fatigue when working.

Types of BPA

It should be noted that each business process automation varies greatly, therefore its use depends on the needs of the company. The following are two types of examples of implementing business process automation.

1. Workflow Automation

This BPA model refers to the strategy and automatic realization of many tasks with pre-set business rules. Some jobs can be done automatically, but some of them may need to be handled by humans because special ideas and skills are needed.

Next, the tasks that have been identified can be done automatically, starting to be compiled and forming an algorithm for how the work is completed. Sending notifications to teams, managing documents automatically, or responding to customer feedback are three examples of work that can be done automatically.

2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

One company can consider implementing automated work processes from the simplest level to the most difficult level. BPA is particularly useful for facilitating functionary tasks so that a lot of work can be completed on time. Some tasks, such as filling out several forms, extracting data from documents, or capturing data, are very possible to do automatically.

Examples of Business Process Automation

In today’s digital era, increasingly fierce business competition requires companies to implement strategies with high efficiency in order to be able to increase productivity. Here are some examples of BPA applications that are often used in daily work and so on.

1. BPA in Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector greatly benefits from production activities carried out automatically so that the machines and equipment work consistently and produce quality products without any errors. In addition, inventory management is carried out in real-time and monitored accurately so that the company continues to produce according to needs. The production process does not experience excess or shortage of stock which might cause losses.

2. BPA in Banking

Advances in technology have replaced many human roles and manual work to become automatic. Previously, in the banking sector, people who wanted to open an account needed data from a branch office, but now this process can be carried out automatically and makes it easier for customers. In addition, the process of applying for credit can be done automatically to speed up the whole thing and get it done quickly.

3. BPA in Retail

Retail businesses also receive enormous benefits from implementing BPA. Customers can place orders and be automatically processed to arrange payments until delivery to the address that has been given. Customers can track the progress of their order delivery process and receive confirmation regarding the process.

4. BPA in Education

Student data management can be done automatically regarding attendance data, academic history, and management of their personal data. In addition, forms for admitting new students can be managed automatically by verifying student data.

5. BPA in Customer Service

Customer service that is set to work automatically helps companies to get various positive responses to a sense of loyalty for providing utility through effective customer service. Customers come to have a bond with companies that prioritize their customer needs so that the business can continue to grow for the long term.

BPA has become an important part of a company’s strategy to bring success to their business. Seeing how the effect of the automated mechanism is, companies need to implement BPA in their business flows. Luckily, now you can use the eendigo Business Process Automation to boost your company’s productivity and business operations significantly. Contact us to know more about eendigo Business Process Automation so that we may help in boosting your company’s operations to new heights!