e-Meterai: Functions and Its Uses in Different Industries

Apa Itu e-Meterai

Along with the changing times, physical documents are starting to be abandoned and replaced by digital documents. In addition, technological sophistication encourages reduced use of paper in everyday life, including in business activities. This also resulted in the use of physical stamp duties shifting to e-Meterai. But what exactly is this electronic stamp duty along with its functions and uses?

To find out the answer, eendigo will discuss the meaning, function, and how to use this electronic stamp duty in various industries. Let’s read the explanation!


Electronic stamps or e-Meterai are a type of stamp duty used as a sign that you have paid tax duties on certain documents. This stamp is affixed to electronic documents that are the object of stamp duty. The affixing is done electronically with specific characteristics and security elements.

e-Meterai itself has characteristics similar to regular stamp dutys such as a square shape with a predominately pink color. On the stamp duty, there is an image of the state symbol Garuda Pancasila and the words ‘Electronic Stamp duty’ as well as the number and writing IDR 10,000 which shows the stamp duty rate.

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This electronic stamp duty has the same function as conventional stamp duty in general. Based on Law Number 13 of 1985 concerning Stamp Duty (State Stamp Duty), electronic stamps have the same function as conventional stamps as evidence in court. This proof is an important stage in resolving disputes for the parties in court. Without conventional or electronic stamp duty, a document cannot be used as evidence in court.

Forms of documents that can be affixed by electronic stamps are listed in Government Regulation No. 86 of 2021 Article 3 paragraph 2 concerning Procurement, Management, and Sale of Stamps. Here are some types of documents:

  • Letter of agreement, letter of statement, or similar letter with copies thereof.
  • Notary deed along with the grosse, its copy, and excerpt.
  • Deed of Officials and Makers of Land Deeds along with their copies and excerpts.
  • Securities in any name and any form.
  • Securities transaction documents, including futures contract transaction documents in whatever name and form.
  • Tender documents in the form of excerpts from the auction minutes, a summary from the auction minutes, copies of the auction description, and grosse from the auction minutes.
  • Documents stating an amount of money with a nominal value of more than IDR 50 million which mentions the recipient of the money or contains an acknowledgment that the debt has been fully or partially paid or calculated.
  • Other documents stipulated by Government Regulation.

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Is it Safe?

When e-Meterai with a nominal value of IDR 10,000 can be used since October 2022, people tend to still question the security of electronic stamps, especially business actors who are more used to conventional stamps to verify documents.

However, all these worries are unfounded because electronic stamp duties are completely safe to use. The legal basis for this stamp duty is in Law Number 10 of 2020 concerning Stamp Duty, the contents of which are related to the imposition of stamp duty on certain electronic documents.

Whereas in Law Number 11 of 2008 (UU ITE) in Article 5 paragraph (1), it is stipulated that electronic documents affixed with electronic stamps are valid.

In practice, electronic stamps have a guaranteed security system. This is because the stamp duty is equipped with X.509 SHA 521 digital signature technology accompanied by 3 additional security features:

  • OVERT: 70 percent of electronic meter designs are unique barcodes that are different for each stamp duty.
  • COVERT: Peruri seal duty can only be read using a scanner or a special application from Peruri and a signature panel that can be viewed with PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Peruri’s forensic verification process.

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How It’s Used in Different Industries

In general, almost all industries and companies require stamp duty or e-Meterai for daily affairs and transactions. This electronic stamp also becomes an electronic label for companies to fulfill their responsibility for paying taxes on digital document administration.

The following are some of the uses of the electronic stamp in various industries or institutions:

1. Banks and Other Financial Industries

Stamp duty at a bank or financial institution is needed, for example, to process a loan disbursement. This stamp duty will help ease the process, cutting the time and costs that are usually required when processing documents with a sticky stamp. Through this stamp duty, banks and insurance companies can streamline the business orientation process. Meanwhile, financial services companies can guarantee the security and tracking of important digital transactions.

2. HR Consultants and Freelance Agencies

HR teams and freelance agencies can make many work agreements daily. Therefore, this electronic stamp duty can be an efficient and practical alternative to a sticky stamp duty. Through the integration of this electronic stamp duty with digital signatures, corporate HR and freelance agencies can drastically reduce the turnaround time for onboarding.

3. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Companies Businesses in this sector often carry out vendor onboarding and procurement processes. Creating and legalizing a vendor contract involves setting up the business, paying stamp duty, and signing a vendor or distributor agreement. The e-Meterai solution can reduce vendor onboarding time from a week to a day, which in turn reduces operational costs.

4. Real Estate and Housing Property

bidding services accommodate approval and signing of letters containing terms and conditions before renting a room or house for accommodation. Rent or buy a house until the transfer of property requires official documents. This electronic stamp allows renters, landlords, and real estate agencies to pay stamp duty online and avoid the obstacles that may be encountered in manual processes.

5. Law Firms

In law firms, stamp duty is used for preparation and entry relating to the administration of justice and duties levied in the form of court fees. e-Meterai is also needed by legal subjects in preparing orders, decisions, and submitting defenses.

6. Pharmaceutical Companies

To ensure operational effectiveness, the pharmaceutical sector relies heavily on vendors, external suppliers, drug research and review companies, hospital representatives, and various stakeholders. The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and these various parties is determined and carried out through binding contracts and is valid only if the affixing of stamps or electronic stamps is carried out correctly.

Company owners must understand what e-Meterai is because of its direct impact on the company’s tax obligations. This electronic stamp is a system of using stamps that is carried out electronically to pay taxes or make transactions that require the use of stamps.

This stamp duty can also affect the company’s business processes. Some transactions or documents, such as contracts or letters of agreement, may require stamp duty to become legally valid. Therefore, company owners need to understand the benefits of this electronic stamp duty to ensure that all business processes and company transactions comply with applicable regulations.

In addition, we must know that this stamp duty is also important to avoid mistakes in the tax process. If this electronic stamp duty is not used properly or not reported properly, the company may be subject to tax sanctions or fines.

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