Easy Steps to Buy Online e-Meterai for Your Various Needs

cara beli e meterai online

Stamps used in everyday life are now available in electronic form. Electronic stamp duty, or online e-Meterai, makes the document attestation process more practical. Purchasing e-Meterai can also be done online so you don’t have to bother visiting the electronic stamp distributor office to get it. However, do you know how to buy e-Meterai online?

No need to worry if you don’t understand how to buy e-Meterai online because, in this article, eendigo is ready to guide you on buying e-stamps in this article. Read the article until the end!

What is e-Meterai?

Maybe you don’t know what e-Meterai is or want to know more about electronic seals. An online e-Meterai is an electronic version of a seal that can be affixed directly to an electronic document.

So, you no longer need to print the document, affix the seal, and scan it back to be digitally signed. Simply by purchasing an e-Meterai, you can place it directly on a digital document without having to print it.

The question is, does an e-Meterai have the same value and legal force as a physical seal? Yes, because the e-Meterai has been included in Government Regulation Number 86 of 2021 concerning the Procurement, Management, and Sale of Stamps.

So, electronic stamps can function as valid legal evidence of your electronic documents. The price of the online e-Meterai is Rp 10,000 which is based on the latest Stamp Duty regulations according to the Law Number 10 of 2020.

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How to Buy Electronic Stamps Online


Electronic seals are issued by the Money-printing Public Corporation of the Republic of Indonesia (PERURI). However, PERURI does not sell them directly, but you can get them through trusted distributors who provide their services online. eendigo provides the solution of purchasing e-Meterai online and also placing the purchased e-Meterai to your electronic documents by using our application.

The procedure for purchasing electronic stamps in eendigo is as follows:

  • Open the eendigo app, then log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one.
  • Go to the e-Meterai solution, then purchase the required number of e-Meterai. Afterward, you will see the total price to be paid according to the number of e-Meterai purchased.
  • Make the e-Meterai payment process through your payment option, be it a virtual account or bank transfer.
  • Once the payment process is complete, you can use the purchased online e-Meterai on the documents you wish to affix. Keep in mind that not all documents can be stamped. Documents that can be affixed with a seal must be a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), statement letter, notary deed, PPAT deed, securities, auction documents, official reports, and documents related to transactions with a value above Rp 5,000,000.

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Tips for Buying Online Electronic Stamps

You must ensure that the process of purchasing e-Meterai online remains safe and easy. To make the purchase go smoothly, you can follow the tips below.

1. Choose Trusted e-Meterai Distributors

Just like making any other online transaction, you have to make sure that the platform where you buy online e-Meterai is credible and accountable. You can rely on Eendigo, which has been trusted by various leading financial companies in Indonesia.

2. Check Additional Costs and Prices

Before making a purchase, make sure to check carefully the price of the e-Meterai offered. Sometimes some distributors provide additional costs such as service fees, so you need to compare these costs.

3. Maintain Personal Information Safety

The safety of your personal information is crucial. Make sure you enter your data correctly and also ensure that the chosen platform has adequate security systems. This is important to protect your personal information from potential security risks.

4. Keep Your Receipt Safe

After completing your e-Meterai purchase, make sure you keep your receipt safe. This proof of purchase is important as a sign of valid payment.

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Digital Signatures and e-Meterai with eendigo

Meterai Elektronik

eendigo e-Meterai app can be your digital partner! We not only provide an online e-Meterai purchase service but also the feature to apply the seal on the electronic document you want to affix. There are three advantages you can experience by using eendigo’s e-Meterai solution, such as:

1. 50% Less in Purchasing Costs

Using e-Meterai on electronic documents is certainly more practical than buying postage stamps and attaching them to physical documents. When using physical documents, you would have to purchase two seals that are used on the original document and its copy.

Now, you can simply put one seal on one digital document, and then reproduce it as needed.

2. Practical and Manageable Document Template System

After purchasing a seal online, you can immediately affix it to electronic documents in areas that require a seal. eendigo has a template manager feature that makes it easy for you to place the e-Meterai.

eendigo is equipped with AI technology so that e-Meterai can be placed automatically on documents with similar formats.

3. Can be Integrated with Your Current Document Manager System

No matter what Document Manager System you are using, you can integrate it. As a result, the online e-Meterai placement process can be done in one platform without the need to switch applications.

How practical and beneficial is it to use eendigo for e-Meterai management? Contact us to get this application and experience the ease of using online e-Meterai only with eendigo!