Getting to Know the SuperApp Application, the Definitive All-in-one App


In this modern era, almost all of our daily activities ranging from sending messages, shopping, ordering food to paying bills definitely use applications on smartphones. However, the use of many applications will certainly demand more storage space. Therefore, now many technological development companies are competing with each other to create various service features that are packaged in one application, also known as the SuperApp application.

What is SuperApp?

SuperApp is a type of mobile application that offers a variety of different service features in one single application, so users don’t have to install many applications with different functions and save storage space on their phones. Moreover, users can easily access multiple services at once for a specific purpose without having to open and close other applications. These daily applications usually include social media, e-commerce, transportation services, and financial services. These services can come from third party services or services developed by the SuperApp developer company themselves.

The following are the characteristics of SuperApp application that distinguish the app from other mobile apps or single apps in general.

1. Become the main application on smartphones

SuperApp has all the services needed by users within itself, so SuperApp users use it for various purposes without the need to use other applications whatsoever. For example, if a user wants to send money, the user can open this SuperApp and access its financial service function. On another occasion, when the customers want to do shopping or order food, they can also open this SuperApp without accessing other apps. As a result, they will choose to use this app more often than others.

2. Have one or more mainstay services

SuperApp generally has a mainstay service that is most often used by users, with this service being the flagship or core service of this SuperApp. For example, Gojek and Grab have online transportation services as their flagship, but they also have other additional services such as ordering food, ordering tickets, ordering medicine, delivering goods, and so on to increase functionality.

3. Connect directly with users

Users do not need to use other platforms or search for this application with Google or other search engines, as they only need to click on the icon on the smartphone screen to open the application.

4. Connected with other companies or third parties

It is impossible for a company to succeed in making all of its services excel at once in many types of markets. For that reason, SuperApp application developers need to be open and connected with other companies or third parties. For example, Gojek collaborated with Halodoc as a health consulting service provider that integrates with Gojek’s drug ordering service to increase service operations.

5. Have their own means of payment (e-wallet)

By having their own payment instrument in the form of an e-wallet, users can transact directly within the application without having to open another application or worrying about connecting the user’s credit or debit card with the application. These payment tools can come from third parties or services developed by the SuperApp itself.

In terms of use, there is no denying that this SuperApp can provide comfort and convenience for its users. However, users need to know that there are several advantages and disadvantages that SuperApp has, which are as follows.

SuperApp advantages:

  • There are many types of services in one application.
  • Does not require much storage space on the smartphone.
  • Many third parties integrated in one single SuperApp ecosystem.
  • Has a very large volume of customer data.
  • Can be the best solution for marketing advertisements because users’ data is easy to know, so the users’ needs and tastes can also be identified immediately.

SuperApp Disadvantages:

  • The many features available on the main interface of the application can make many users confused.
  • Bug prone because it has more programming code than a single app.
  • The application runs more heavily on the smartphone because it has many services and features.
  • Requires large digital data storage and if the app is hacked, all user data in the SuperApp gets compromised.

SuperApp application has played a major role in changing the way of life and lifestyle of today’s society. With the convenience and convenience offered by SuperApp, many startups as well as large companies in various types of markets are starting to implement SuperApp in their business to attract more customers.




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