How Face Recognition Technology is Used in Different Industries

manfaat teknologi face recognition

People are now more familiar with the use of face recognition technology in their lives. This biometric-based security technology is often found in gadget security systems such as smartphones and tablets.

Almost all industries have started implementing face recognition to improve security. The proof is that immigration checkpoints at airports have started implementing face recognition to determine the match between a tourist’s face and the photo on his passport. The finance and banking sectors have also started implementing face recognition when they want to launch their digital services.

So, what are the uses of face recognition technology in various industries, and how useful is this technology for everyone?

What is Face Recognition

Face recognition technology is a security technology by identifying or verifying a person’s face through images, videos, and other audiovisual elements. This technology is implemented as security when a user wants to access an application, system, or service that requires an authentication process.

This technology collects biometric data, precisely the face of every user registered in its security system. Face recognition works by identifying and verifying a person’s face.

The procedure only requires any device equipped with digital photography technology to produce the images and data needed to record a person’s facial patterns. Unlike other authentication methods such as passwords, fingerprints, or OTP codes, face recognition only uses mathematical and dynamic patterns to scan a person’s face. No wonder this authentication method is considered the safest and most effective of all of them.

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Examples of the Technology

Now, face recognition technology has been widely used in various fields and industries. Here are some examples of its use.

1. Gadget Access Security

Currently, almost all gadgets such as smartphones and tablets have implemented this face recognition technology to increase security. For example, Apple smartphones are synonymous with using Face ID to maintain the security of user access.

2. Employee Attendance System

Employee attendance systems that used to use paper and pens as well as fingerprints have started to switch to face recognition. The reason is that this technology can reduce the level of employee fraud when making attendance and present a more efficient verification process. The use of this technology is also carried out because of the need for attendance without physical contact to reduce the risk of spreading viruses and germs.

3. Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is also implementing face recognition technology in its vehicles. An example is when a car owner has to unlock a car door through facial recognition. This has a positive impact on reducing cases of motor vehicle theft which can result in millions of dollars in losses. Not only that, car owners feel more at ease because the car lock door cannot be broken into.

In addition, this recognition technology is also useful in detecting faces that are not focused on driving. For example, when this technology realizes that the driver is sleepy, the car will immediately give a warning in the form of sound, seat vibration, and slow down the car.

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4. Immigration Checkpoints

The process of checking passports at immigration checkpoints also relies on face recognition technology. This step is necessary to protect and maintain the security of a country’s borders. This recognition technology can recognize and prevent intrusion by criminals so that they do not endanger national security.

5. Office Entry Access

In many companies, face recognition technology is used at office entrances to maintain security. Both employees and visitors must verify their identity through a facial scanner before entering the office area. This measure is useful for preventing unauthorized access and enhancing the security of the work environment. In places that require a high level of security such as data centers or research laboratories, facial recognition is used to secure important rooms in these locations.

6. Retail

Face recognition technology in the retail sector is used to determine the online and offline purchasing habits of customers. They use this technology to provide personalized service for buyers. For example, Amazon can identify users and immediately provide prices for products purchased without having to queue too long.

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7. Mobile Banking

The banking world has also implemented face recognition technology. Mobile banking or internet banking services are not only equipped with PIN and OTP codes but also this biometric technology. This step is useful for protecting customer accounts to avoid problems with data breaches or fraud.

8. Financial Technology (Fintech)

Apart from banking, the modern financial industry alias financial technology (fintech) in Indonesia also applies this face recognition technology. This technology is even used when users want to register their accounts in available fintech services. Users must submit a selfie along with a photo of their identity card as part of the verification process. Likewise, when you want to make a transaction, several fintech applications ask for verification with face recognition before continuing the transaction submitted by the user.

The use of face recognition technology has become so widespread that it seems that the advantages outweigh all the disadvantages (if any). Especially if you work in the financial or banking industry, this technology is needed to keep user accounts secure.

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