How to Register and Log In at eendigo?

Here are Few Step on How to Register and Log In at eendigo

  1. Access the Eendigo portal page through the link https://portal.eendigo.co/
  2. On the initial page of the Eendigo portal, users will be given 2 options, namely users can Log in if they already have an account or users can Create an Account (Registration) if the user does not have an account.
  3. Registration can be done using email or Google Account.
Registration page of Portal eendigo

Registration using Email

  1. In the following step we will try to do Registration using email.
  2. Click Create Account and perform Registration by entering the correct data into each of the fields provided.
User input all data correctly and performs captcha
  1. Before clicking the Create Your Account Now button, make sure to read the Terms Conditions and Privacy Policy first.
  2. If the user enters all data correctly, the user will be sent an OTP code at the email entered previously
OTP code send to your registered email

5. After the user enters the OTP code the user will be redirected to the login page and the user can log in using the email and password previously filled in.

Your Account Has Been Registered
  1. After the user logs in, the user will be directed to the Balance page of the Eendigo portal.
  2. The user cannot see the amount of balance owned until the user completes the profile data.
Dashboard of Portal eendigo

Finally you are good to go explore and continue your digital transformation with eendigo