How to Sign Stamps Based on Stamp Duty Regulations

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Official documents affixed with a stamp require a signature to prove their legality. Make no mistake, you need to pay attention to how to sign stamps correctly and according to the Stamp Duty Law. Errors in signing and using stamps can make documents not legally valid, and can even be subject to legal sanctions.

How do we sign a stamp correctly and according to stamp duty regulations? Read this article to find out.

What is a Stamp (Meterai)?

A stamp or seal (Meterai) is a printed or electronic label attached to an official document as proof that the tax for making the document has been paid through stamp duty. Stamps are often found on various legal documents, such as agreements, contracts, and notarization letters.

The main function of the stamp is as proof of payment of tax obligations or certain fees to the government. In the business sector, the stamp serves to certify legal documents so that the document is valid and has gone through the appropriate payment process. The seal also serves to prevent document forgery efforts so that it is not used for illegal things.

In Indonesia, two types of seals are commonly used, sticky seals and electronic seals. As the term implies, postage stamps are attached to legal documents. This process is often done for documents that have significant legal or financial value.

Meanwhile, electronic seals or e-seals are issued electronically so that they can be used for documents that are created digitally. As a result, electronic documents are still valid and legally recognized because of the e-seal.

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Regulations Concerning Stamps

Apa Itu e-Meterai

It is not uncommon to find mistakes in the use of the seal so that the signed document becomes invalid. To avoid such problems, you need to understand the seal regulations that need to be considered below.

1. Worth Value

Previously, you have known stamps with a value of Rp 3,000 and Rp 6,000. However, these stamp values are no longer valid since December 31, 2021, due to the birth of the new Stamp Duty Law, Law Number 10 of 2020. Now, you only need to use a Rp 10,000 stamp for all important documents.

2. Validity Time

The validity period of stamp duty is 5 years from the time the stamp is affixed to the document, either a sticky stamp or an electronic stamp.

3. Stamp-needing Documents

Not all documents require a stamp. Stamps are only required on the following documents:

  • Letter of agreement and its copies.
  • Notarial deeds and their copies.
  • Deed of a land deed official.
  • Securities.
  • Securities transaction documents.
  • Auction documents.
  • Documents containing a nominal amount of money above Rp 5,000,000 on the statement of receipt of money.

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How to Sign

How do we sign stamps correctly to avoid legal repercussions? Follow the steps below:

1. Prepare the Document

Make sure the document to be signed has been filled in completely and there are no empty parts so that it is ready to be signed. Keep the document clean and tidy as a form of your seriousness in the eyes of the other party signing the document.

2. Affix the Stamp

Afterward, affix the Rp 10,000 stamp in the right position. Make sure the stamp is positioned straight. For physical stamps, you can use glue to ensure that the stamp stays put and doesn’t move. Avoid using the stamp more than once as it is considered invalid and violates the Stamp Duty Law.

3. Sign the Stamp

When the seal is attached to the document, start signing it. The correct signature position is partly on the document and partly on the stamp.

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Common Mistakes When Signing

Some mistakes are often made when signing a stamp. Therefore, you need to avoid the mistakes below in signing the seal.

1. Not Using the Suitable Stamps

The stamp used must be new or not an old stamp that has been used in other documents. Using an old stamp makes the document invalid and the perpetrator can be sanctioned in the form of criminal confinement for 7 years and a fine of up to Rp 500 million.

2. Not Writing the Date Correctly

Another mistake that is often made is not writing the date correctly. The document is considered invalid because it cannot be ascertained when it was signed.

3. Not Writing the Full Names Correctly

Finally, some parties do not write their full names correctly when signing documents. This mistake can be fatal because it raises the assumption that the signature could have been forged, especially if there is only one letter error.

Therefore, you need to verify the identity of the party who will sign the seal when creating the document.

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Why Switch to Electronic Stamps (e-Meterai) Today?

The government has introduced electronic seals or e-Meterai to improve the convenience of using seals. This electronic seal can be directly affixed to electronic documents. As a result, you do not need to print the document first before affixing it with a seal.

The signing of the e-Meterai can be done by using a digital signature through an available application. The signing process is still the same as a signature on a physical document, where part of the signature is in the document area and part is in the stamp area.

Digital Signatures and e-Meterai with eendigo

Meterai Elektronik

Now, signing digital documents and purchasing e-stamps can be done easily with the eendigo e-stamp application. Why? The reason is that you can experience three conveniences by using the app below:

1. Automatic and Practical e-Meterai Affixing

Purchased e-Meterai can be instantly affixed to your electronic documents using the built-in template manager for a neat look. eendigo can also affix e-Meterai in bulk to documents with similar formats.

2. 50% Less in Purchasing Costs

Imagine the cost of buying multiple stamps for the same document. With e-Stamps, you no longer need to buy two or more stamps for the original document and its copy. All you need is one e-Meterai to affix to the electronic document and you can keep a copy on your computer.

3. Compliant with Stamp Duty Regulations

eendigo also remains compliant with the applicable Stamp Duty regulations, in which documents valued above Rp 5,000,000 must be affixed with an e-Meterai.

Contact us via WhatsApp to get the eendigo application and simplify your digital document signing and e-Meterai affixing process if you want to sign stamps easily!