How to Start Production 

Here a few step to start your production

  1. Before you can use API Production, you need to top up your balance first. Contact Eendigo sales to buy balances and choose the type of balance/product you want to buy.
  2. After the purchase and payment of the balance has been completed, the Production balance will be topped up in the system. The Production balance can be checked again in the Balance Menu for the Production section
Production Balance page

3. To call the Production API, you also need to generate a special API Key for Production. To generate a new API Key for Production, click the +New button located at the top right of the API Key page.

API Key page

4. Enter the name of the API Key and for the Type of API Key select PRODUCTION. Then click Save.

Added a new API Key
The addition of API Key Production has been successfully added

5. Go to the API Documentation page and download the documents from the API for the product you want to use. The Production API url can be seen in the previously downloaded API document.

API Documentation page

6. API Production can be called and each use will reduce Production balance.

Saldo production berkurang setelah pemanggilan API