How to Start Trial 

Here a few step to start our product trial

  1. On the balance page on the eendigo portal, there are 2 types of balances, namely Production and Trial balances.
  2. Select Trial balance if the user has completed profile data then the user’s trial balance is 80,000.
Trial balance page

3. The API Key page is a page where users can generate api keys to use on eendigo products.

4. To generate a new API Key, click the +New button at the top right of the API Key page.

API Key page

5. To generate a new API Key we can enter the API name and the generated API key type, for now we will select the API Key Trial type and click Save to generate the API Key.

Generate API Key page
Filled API Key page
Successfully generated a new API Key

6. After successfully creating a new API Key. We can see the API code on the API Key page.

API code that has been successfully generated

7. To try to use the Trial balance we have, we will try to do an OCR KTP.

8. For how to do KTP OCR can be found on the API Documentation page.

API Documentation page

9. Select KTP OCR API Documentation and click Download.

KTP OCR API documentation download

10. To request an OCR KTP, we use Postman.

11. Enter the fields specified by the API documentation and do a Request Send. If the request is successful, the response will be KTP OCR data.

The result of a successful request

12. On the Trial balance page, it can be seen that our balance has decreased after doing the KTP OCR.

Deduction of trial balance after performing KTP OCR