Indonesia’s Electronic Certification Provider (PSrE): Definition and Types

penyelenggara sertifikasi elektronik

In this modern digital era, you need robust security in electronic transactions. In this regard, one of the most essential things for digital transactions is electronic signatures. When managing these personal documents, you need a trusted service to help you manage them. Therefore, this is where Electronic Certification Providers (PSrE) play an important role.

The Electronic Certification Provider was first introduced as a pioneering electronic certification service in Indonesia. However, what exactly is Indonesia’s Electronic Certification Provider?

For more details, we will explain these service providers, types, and services of PSrE in this article.

What is Indonesia’s Electronic Certification Provider?

Before understanding more about the PsrE types and their services, let’s first recognize their definitions.

1. Definition

An Electronic Certification Provider is an institution responsible for providing electronic certification services, such as electronic certificates and electronic signatures. It is also responsible for managing and maintaining the security of electronic transaction information, including personal data related to the transaction.

An Electronic Certification Provider functions as a trusted party and can grant and audit Electronic Certificates. The parent institution of the provider is PSrE Induk, which is regulated by Government Regulation No. 71 of 2019 and organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

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2. Roles

Electronic Certification Providers play an important role in ensuring the validity of electronic transactions. In electronic certification, the provider is responsible for verifying the identity of the owner of the electronic certificate and ensuring that the certificate is used correctly.

The provider has a strategic role in supporting the country’s digitalization business. This legal entity helps create national security and increase public trust regarding financial transactions or agreements in the online space. Therefore, there is no need to worry anymore when making digital transactions because the Electronic Certification Provider will guarantee the security of your data.

3. Advantages

Are you currently still using traditional certification methods? In fact, apart from the easy process, the digital certification method from PSrE is guaranteed to be authentic. This can prevent misuse by unauthorized parties.

Electronic certification offers many significant advantages over traditional certification methods. It tends to be faster and more efficient as it does not require complex manual processes.

In addition, electronic certification is secure because it uses sophisticated encryption technology to protect electronic transaction information. Not only that, electronic certification is also more accessible because it can be made online.

Electronic certification is very beneficial for online businesses and technology companies in Indonesia because it opens up opportunities for digital businesses to optimize their business.

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What is an Electronic Certification Provider?

The categories of Electronic Certification Implementation can be understood through their types and levels of recognition through the following explanation.

1. Types

Based on Government Regulation Number 71 of 2019, Electronic Certification Providers are divided into two as follows.

a. Parent PSrE

The parent organization acts as a certification authority (CA) for other electronic certification providers. It is formed by the Indonesian government which is tasked with issuing Electronic Certificates for the parent provider. The parent organization is organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

b. Hosted PSrE

This type of electronic certificate provider is a provider that operates in Indonesia and is recognized by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. This provider must be recognized by the Parent PSrE in carrying out digital certification services. This provider type is affiliated with the Parent PSrE.

2. Levels

According to the Minister of Communication and Information Regulation No. 11/2018 Article 5, PSrE electronic certificate recognition is divided into three levels. This level is a level of recognition from the Electronic Certification Organizer.

  • Registered Electronic Certification Provider. To obtain this status, the Electronic Certification Provider must first apply for recognition of registered status to the Minister.
  • Certified Electronic Certification Provider. These providers must obtain registered status and apply to the Minister for recognition of certified status.
  • Parent Electronic Certification Provider. This provider must have obtained recognition of certified status and apply to the Minister for recognition of parent status.

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Types of Electronic Certification Provider Services

Before understanding more about the different types of Electronic Certification Implementation services, you need to understand the process of obtaining electronic certification first.

1. Electronic Certification Process in Indonesia

The electronic certification process involves important steps to ensure data validity and security. First of all, you need to register yourself through PSrE Indonesia and submit an application under the applicable provisions. After registration, the website will verify the applicant’s data, including demographic data such as ID card number (NIK), name, date of birth, photo, and biometric data.

After passing the verification stage, eligible applicants will be issued an electronic certificate. Once the electronic certificate is issued, the website is also responsible for renewing and extending the certificate according to the applicant’s needs.

2. Types of Electronic Certification Services

PSrE provides various types of electronic certification services, such as electronic signatures, electronic seals, and electronic signature preservation. The following are some types of Electronic Certification Services.

a. Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature is the first step in identifying and providing digital consent. It is electronic information that is linked to other electronic information and issued by the Electronic Certification Provider.

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b. Electronic Time Markers

An electronic time marker is a marker that links the time and date to Electronic Information and/or Electronic Documents using a trusted method.

c. Website Authentication

Website authentication services help identify you as the website owner. This service links the website to the person or business entity receiving the website’s Electronic Certificate.

d. Electronic Seals

Electronic seals are used by business entities or agencies to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of Electronic Information or Electronic Documents. As a form of Electronic Signature, this seal becomes a security marker.

e. Recorded Electronic Delivery Service

This service provides delivery of Electronic Information and/or Electronic Documents. Not only that, this service also provides evidence related to the delivery. This can certainly help you in protecting information from the risk of theft, loss, or damage.

f. Preservation of Electronic Signatures and/or Electronic Seals

This service ensures that the legal force of Electronic Signatures and electronic seals can still be validated, even if the validity period of the electronic certificate has expired. It can support the validity of electronic documents within a certain time.

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How to Get Electronic Certification

The following are ways to get electronic certification.

1. Requirements for Obtaining Electronic Certification

To obtain electronic certification, users need to fulfill some requirements, such as having a valid and verified identity and having an active email address. However, it is important to understand the requirements imposed by the chosen electronic certification provider as these requirements may differ from one PSrE to another.

2. Electronic Certification Registration and Submission

The next step is to register and submit an application for electronic certification. This process can be done online through the selected PSrE website. Once the registration and identity verification are complete, you can apply for electronic certification and make the necessary fee payments.

3. Fee Needed to Get a New Electronic Certification

In general, getting an electronic certification involves a certain fee. The fee required to get an electronic certification varies depending on the type of service and security level chosen.

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