Registration with Google Account

Here a few step to register through a Google account

  1. At this stage we will register using a Google Account.
  2. On the Log in Page click the Continue with Google button. This button has two functions, if a Google Account has been registered on the endigo portal then this button functions as a Log in button. Meanwhile, if the Google Account has not been registered, this button also functions to register a Google Account on the endigo portal.
Login page for Registration with Google Account

3. A pop up will appear then select / Log in to the Google Account that will be registered.

Selection of Google Accounts

4. If the Google Account has not been registered on the eendigo portal, a confirmation pop up will appear for account registration. Click Confirm and the account will be formed and the user will automatically login to the eendigo portal.

Confirm Google Account registration

5. The user cannot see the amount of the balance held until the user completes the profile data.

The balance page of the eendigo portal