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According to a recent regulation change made in 2020, all spending above 5 million IDR, needs to be stamped with a meterai.

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e-Meterai Technology

In an effort to modernize administrative processes and follow digitalization trends, eendigo introduces thee-Meterai Technology. As an innovative solution for electronic stamping processes, e-Stamp brings convenience and efficiency into the workplace. Let’s delve deeper into how this application brings significant benefits in managing stamps digitally.

Integration with Office Applications and Electronic Devices

One of the main advantages of the e-Meterai Technology is its ability to integrate with various office applications and electronic devices. With this integration, users can easily generate electronic stamps directly from their devices, saving time and increasing productivity. With easier access, administrative processes become more efficient and effective.

Compatibility with Digital Payment Systems

e-Stamp not only facilitates the use of electronic stamps but also is compatible with digital payment systems. This allows users to pay for stamps electronically through various digital payment methods available, such as online bank transfers or digital wallets. This compatibility provides users with greater flexibility in paying for their stamps according to their preferences and needs.

Secure Data with Encryption System and Data Protection

eendigo prioritizes data security in the development of the e-Meterai Technology. By implementing strong encryption systems and sophisticated data protection, this application ensures that users’ sensitive information remains safe from cyber security threats. Guaranteed data security provides additional confidence to users in using e-Stamp for their administrative needs.

The e-Meterai Technology from eendigo is not only a tool for managing stamps digitally but also a solution that brings convenience, efficiency, and security to the administrative process. With seamless integration, compatibility with digital payment systems, and guaranteed data security, e-Stamp becomes the top choice for companies and individuals oriented towards technology in managing their stamps.

FAQ About e-Meterai

Electronic stamp, or e-Meterai, is an innovation in the use of postal stamps that replaces physical paper stamps with a digital signature or unique code applied to electronic letters or documents. This allows these documents to be stamped and validated digitally, reducing the need for physical stamps printed on paper.

e-Meterai is one of the ways the government legalizes digital documents. Electronic certification service providers (PSrE) are the type of institutions that provide e-Meterai, supervised by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO).

e-Meterai works by digitally stamping or validating electronic documents with a unique digital signature or code. Here’s how it typically works:


  1. Document Creation:

When a digital document is created, it may need to be stamped with an e-Meterai to give it legal validity.

  1. e-Meterai Generation:

A designated electronic certification service provider (PSrE), authorized by the government, generates an e-Meterai for the document. This e-Meterai contains a digital signature or code unique to the document.

  1. Attachment:

The e-Meterai is attached to the electronic document, essentially marking it as legally valid.

  1. Validation:

When the document is presented or used, the e-Meterai is checked and verified. This validation confirms the document’s authenticity and legal status.

  1. Government Oversight:

The e-Meterai system is closely monitored and regulated by government authorities, such as the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, to ensure its legality and security.


Overall, e-Meterai simplifies the process of legalizing digital documents and ensures their authenticity and legal validity.

Using e-Meterai is different from traditional paper stamps. Here’s how to apply e-Meterai to your digital documents:

  1. Select a PSrE
    Choose your preferred e-Meterai provider. Make sure your e-Meterai provider is a registered Electronic Certification Service Provider (PSrE) with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO).
  2. Create an Account
    Create an account with your chosen PSrE online through the provided PSrE application or platform.
  3. Upload Documents
    Upload the documents you want to legalize to the PSrE platform. Afterward, you will receive a link to the digitally stamped document.
  4. Digital Signature
    Sign the document digitally after it has been stamped with e-Meterai. Don’t forget to provide the digital document link that you uploaded to the PSrE platform to your recipients for their digital signatures.
  5. Signature Verification
    The recipient of the digitally signed document can verify the signature using the corresponding public key of your certificate.

    b. This ensures that the document has not been altered since the digital signature was created and that the signature is valid.


The exact process may vary slightly depending on the electronic certification provider you choose and the devices or applications you use. Be sure to follow the guidance and instructions provided by your PSrE and understand the regulations and policies for digital signatures in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the use of e-Meterai has become more common and legally recognized in recent years. The Indonesian government has issued regulations governing the use of e-Meterai in various contexts. Here are some key points related to the use of e-Meterai in Indonesia:

  1. Basic Regulation
    The use of e-Meterai is regulated by Law No. 39 of 2009 on Meterai. This law has recognized the use of electronic stamps as an alternative to physical stamps in various legal documents.
  2. Electronic Stamp Service Providers
    The Indonesian government has granted licenses to several electronic stamp service providers that can apply electronic stamps to various electronic documents, including contracts, powers of attorney, and other legal documents.
  3. Legal Validity

Documents stamped with e-Meterai have legal validity if they meet the requirements set forth in the regulations. This includes the use of valid digital signatures and the procedures established for e-Meterai.

  1. Government Institutions and State-Owned Enterprises
    Government institutions and State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) in Indonesia have also used e-Meterai in various transactions and administrative documents.
  2. Additional Regulatory Framework
    In addition to the Meterai Law, additional regulations and technical guidelines have been issued to govern the use of e-Meterai in more detail. This includes Minister of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) Decree No. 63 of 2019.
  3. Security and Validation

Documents stamped with e-Meterai must meet the security and validation requirements set by the government. This includes the use of valid digital signatures.

Many types of companies and organizations that deal with numerous contract documents benefit from eMeterai to help automate, facilitate, and manage the contract approval process. Among these companies and organizations are:


  1. Law Firms and Legal Consultancies
    Law firms and legal consultancy companies often manage various contract documents for their clients. The use of eMeterai helps them provide more efficient services and reduce administrative costs.
  2. Financial Institutions
    Banking companies, insurance firms, investment companies, and other financial institutions often deal with many contract documents involving customers, business partners, and third parties. eMeterai helps them manage the contract approval and validation process more quickly and securely.
  3. Technology Companies
    Technology companies that produce software or platforms for contract and document management often use eMeterai as part of their solutions. This helps their client companies automate the contract process.
  4. Real Estate Industry
    Companies in the real estate industry, including property developers, real estate agencies, and property management firms, have many lease contracts, purchase agreements, and property-related agreements. eMeterai helps them validate these documents.
  5. Manufacturing Companies
    Manufacturing companies operating within global supply chains often have many contracts with suppliers and other business partners. eMeterai helps them manage contracts more effectively.
  6. Government and Nonprofit Organizations
    Government entities and nonprofit organizations often require eMeterai to manage contracts with vendors, third parties, and within the scope of project programs.
  7. Retail and E-Commerce Companies
    Companies in the retail and e-commerce industries often have contracts with suppliers, logistics partners, and others. eMeterai helps them with contract validation and management.
  8. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
    Companies Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare service providers often have contracts with hospitals, healthcare service providers, and affiliates. eMeterai helps them comply with regulations and process contracts more efficiently.

Companies and organizations across various sectors can benefit from using eMeterai in managing their contract documents. This helps improve efficiency, security, and tracking of the contract process while reducing administrative complexities associated with contract documents.

You can request an eMeterai demo to experience the convenience of using multi-PSrE eMeterai, which will facilitate the switching of PSrE and ensure the smooth operation of your business. You can also chat with us directly via WhatsApp.