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Eliminate repetitive document signing. Automatically sign standardized documents, saving you time for what really matters.


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Supercharge your document signing capabilities with Bulk Sign. Efficiently sign multiple documents at once, transforming a laborious task into a seamless operation. 

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Configurable digital signature placement based on your business needs. Easily set where you want the signature to be placed with our easy-to-use template manager. 


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Seamlessly connect eSignHub with your Document Management System, enhances your efficiency and document control.

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Eliminate the customer’s hurdles during the registration process for signing legal documents. Our customer registration automation allows you to reach more customers that are less technologically savvy.


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Natively integrated with our eMeterai technology. Giving you the capability to stamp with eMeterai without any further installation.

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Electronic Signature Solutions: eSignHub

In an era where mobility and efficiency are highly valued, the demand for digital signature solutions is increasing. eendigo proudly presents the Electronic Signature Solutions: eSignHub. Let’s delve deeper into how eSignHub becomes a reliable solution for various business needs.

Integration with Office Applications and Document Management Systems

eSignHub is not just a Electronic Signature Solutions but also a solution that can integrate with various office applications and document management systems. This capability allows users to access and sign documents directly from the platforms they use daily, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Customization to Meet Various Business Industry Needs

Every industry has unique needs when it comes to signatures and document management. eSignHub is designed with flexibility that allows it to be customized to meet the needs of various business industries. Whether it’s in the finance, legal, technology, or other sectors, eSignHub can be adapted to effectively and efficiently meet the specific requirements of each industry.

Protection of Personal Data and Electronic Document Security

The security of personal data and electronic documents is a top priority in using Electronic Signature Solutions. eSignHub prioritizes security as a primary focus, implementing the latest security protocols to protect the integrity and confidentiality of user documents. Thus, users can confidently use eSignHub, knowing that their data is tightly protected.

The eSignHub Electronic Signature Solutions from eendigo is not just an efficient tool for managing signature processes but also a reliable partner in ensuring security and compliance in document management. With easy integration, flexible customization, and strong data protection, eSignHub becomes a comprehensive solution for digital signature needs across various industries.

FAQ About Electronic Signature Solutions or Digital Signature

A Digital Signature Solutions is a computer program or application used to create, manage, and verify digital signatures on electronic documents or data. A Digital Signature is a unique digital representation of an individual’s identity and authority, used to authenticate electronic documents or transactions. It functions to ensure that the document or data has not been altered or manipulated after the digital signature is applied.

This software employs cryptographic techniques to create secure digital signatures and is validated by the government in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Number 11 of 2022. Therefore, it can be used for business, legal, or administrative purposes in the digital world.

The operation of Digital Signature Solutions involves several key steps that utilize cryptographic techniques to create and verify digital signatures. It’s all based on the concept that only the owner of the private key can generate a signature that matches their public key. Therefore, digital signatures are a secure method for authenticating digital documents and data.

Here are the common steps you can follow to digitally sign using Eendigo:

  1. Choose an Electronic Certification Provider (e-CA)
    Select an electronic certificate provider that suits your needs. You should register or contact the chosen provider and meet their registration requirements.

  2. Identity Verification
    The e-CA will verify and authenticate your identity. This may involve a direct visit to the e-CA office or the use of secure online identification methods.

    b. You may need to provide the necessary personal identification documents as per the e-CA’s requirements. Create an account and fill in your personal details on the e-CA application you choose.

  3. Receive the Electronic Certificate
    Once your identity is verified, the e-CA will issue your electronic certificate. This certificate contains your public key and other identification information.

    b. Typically, you will receive the electronic certificate in the form of a digital file that you must securely store.

  4. Install and Configure the Certificate
    Install your electronic certificate on the device or application that supports digital signatures.

    b. Configure your device or application to use the electronic certificate correctly.

  5. Digital Signature
    When you want to apply a digital signature to a document or message, select the digital signature option in the appropriate device or application.

    b. Choose the electronic certificate you wish to use and digitally sign the document by following the instructions provided by the device or application.

  6. Signature Verification
    The recipient of the digitally signed document can verify the signature using the public key corresponding to your certificate.

    b. This ensures that the document has not been altered since the digital signature was created and that the signature is valid.


This process may vary slightly depending on the electronic certificate provider you choose and the device or application you use. Be sure to follow the guidance and instructions provided by your e-CA and understand the regulations and policies applicable to the use of digital signatures in Indonesia.

Digital signature Solutions can be used for almost all types of digital documents, including contracts, letters, and other electronic files. In accordance with Article 11, paragraph (1) of the Information and Electronic Transactions Law Number 11 of 2008, the government ensures the validity of documents signed through e-CAs registered with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (KOMINFO).

Digital signature Solutions can be used by various institutions and companies across different sectors. The use of digital signatures offers numerous benefits, including enhancing document security, saving time, and reducing costs. Here are some sectors that commonly utilize digital signature software:

  1. Banking and Finance
    Financial institutions often use digital signatures to secure transactions, such as account openings, loans, or other financial approvals.
  2. Technology Companies
    Technology companies frequently adopt digital signatures for various processes, including contract signing with clients, vendors, and employees.
  3. Education
    The education sector uses digital signatures to manage documents like acceptance letters, contracts with professors or staff, and student forms.
  4. Healthcare
    Healthcare institutions and medical service providers use digital signatures to secure electronic medical records, care consents, and various other medical documents.
  5. Service Companies
    Companies in various service sectors, such as legal, consulting, and real estate, use digital signatures to automate the document signing process for contracts and agreements.
  6. Government
    Government agencies use digital signatures for various purposes, including licensing, contract signing, and administrative processes.
  7. Retail and E-commerce
    E-commerce and trading companies often use digital signatures for order processes and business transactions.
  8. Insurance
    Insurance companies use digital signatures to manage insurance policies, claims, and other administrative processes.
  9. Entertainment and Media
    The entertainment and media industry uses digital signatures for artist contracts, copyright agreements, and other business agreements.

Digital signatures enable institutions and companies across various sectors to enhance efficiency, reduce bureaucracy, and meet document security requirements in the evolving digital world. The successful implementation of digital signatures typically depends on KOMINFO regulations, internal policies, and the choice of a suitable Electronic Certification Provider (e-CA).

You can request a demo of eSignHub to experience the convenience of using multi-PSrE Digital Signature Solutions, which streamlines the transition between Electronic Certification Providers (e-CAs) and ensures the smooth operation of your business. You can also chat with us directly via WhatsApp.