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Say goodbye to manual verifications and welcome a secure, frictionless experience with our innovative facial recognition solution.

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Advanced AI Facial Recognition

Leverage cutting-edge technology for seamless and accurate facial recognition. Our AI technology is able to recognize the user’s facial features even when they wear a hijab, wear glasses, or lost weight.

2 Factor Authentication Alternative

Our state of the art Face Recognition Software allows you to replace the conventional OTP with face scanning.


Multi-Platform Integration through API

Seamlessly integrate Face Recognition Software into various platforms for convenience. Built in compatibility with our Liveness check solution.

Our Face Recognition Software Advantage

Enhanced Security

Elevate security measures with accurate facial recognition, reducing impersonation risks.

Streamlined Onboarding

Simplify the onboarding process with automated identity validation, improving efficiency.

Cost and Time Saving

Gone are the days where you have to meet people face to face. Reduce operating cost and inefficient processes.

Multi-Platform Flexibility

Integrate Face Compare seamlessly across various platforms for a unified experience.

Enhanced User Experience

Deliver a frictionless and secure onboarding journey, streamlining user journey.

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Elevate Identity Verification

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Face Recognition Software

The importance of maintaining information security and authentication in the digital environment is becoming increasingly urgent, and to meet these needs, eendigo presents the Face Verification Application, better known as Face Compare. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this service not only offers high security but also provides customizable solutions to diverse business needs.

Face Recognition Software in Security and Authentication

Face Compare or face verification application is not just an additional security measure; rather, it is a paradigm-shifting solution in identity verification. Using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, Face Compare ensures a high level of accuracy in verifying a person’s identity. This advantage minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, providing a deeper layer of security in the ever-changing digital environment.

The Use of eKYC in Customer Self-Service Applications

The integration of Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) serves as the cornerstone of the Face Compare face verification application. This enables electronic identity verification processes, minimizing manual involvement and enhancing efficiency. With the Customer Self-Service feature, customers can easily verify their identities, creating a responsive and seamless experience.

Flexible Adoption: Tailored to Business Needs

A key feature of the face verification application is its highly flexible adoption. With the ability to be tailored to each business’s unique needs, this application provides full control to companies to determine the desired level of security, integrate eKYC requirements, and customize functionality according to the evolving needs of the business.

With the Face Verification Application: Face Compare, eendigo provides a leading solution that is not only secure but also highly responsive to the dynamics of modern business.

FAQ About Face Recognition Software

Face Recognition Software with Face Compare Technology is one of the biometric verification applications used to compare an individual’s face with other faces or with reference faces already present in a database. Its purpose is to verify the authenticity of users based on their faces.

Face Recognition Software with Face Compare Technology functions by comparing an individual’s face with other faces or with reference faces already present in a database. Face Recognition Software focuses on recognizing faces based on unique characteristics, such as facial structure, skin tone, the distance between the eyes, nose, and lips, as well as various other features that can be used to distinguish one individual from another.

Your customers can take a selfie photo, and our system will immediately compare the captured photo with the reference faces in the database. Afterward, your customers will receive a notification of the match and the successful face verification.

To implement Face Recognition Software with Face Compare Technology, you can easily integrate Face Compare from Eendigo into your system via API. You can access the API documentation for Face Recognition Software by clicking here.

Face Recognition Software utilizing face compare technology is used to ensure authenticity and security in biometric authentication processes, and it’s required by various institutions and companies across different sectors. Some examples include:

  1. Banking and Finance
    Banks and financial institutions often use face compare technology in the user authentication process when accessing accounts or conducting financial transactions. This helps protect accounts from biometric spoofing attacks.
  2. Technology and Security Companies
    Companies developing software or hardware for security and authentication frequently integrate face compare technology into their solutions. This includes providers of biometric authentication software and biometric authentication devices like smartphones.
  3. Security and Physical Access Applications
    Applications in the security and physical access sector, such as access control to buildings or specific areas, use face compare technology to ensure that only physically living individuals are granted access.
  4. Government Services
    Government agencies can leverage face compare technology in security and identification applications, such as verifying the authenticity of identification documents or in licensing processes.
  5. Telecommunications
    Telecommunications service providers can use face compare technology in the customer authentication process during registration or account access to protect customer data.
  6. Healthcare Services
    Hospitals and healthcare institutions can use face compare technology in patient authentication to prevent medical data abuse or unauthorized access to medical records.
  7. Digital Banking Applications
    Digital banking applications that process transactions via mobile or web devices can also leverage face compare technology to secure transactions and identify customers.
  8. Identity and Verification Service Providers
    Companies offering identity and identity verification services, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) service providers or online age verification, require face compare technology to ensure accurate authentication.
  9. E-commerce Companies
    E-commerce companies or electronic trading platforms that rely on customer authentication can also use face compare technology to reduce the risk of fraud and account misuse.
  10. Transportation and Travel
    In the transportation and travel industry, face compare technology can be used for passenger or customer authentication when using services like flights, trains, or vehicle rentals.

Overall, face compare technology has broad applications across various sectors and helps protect security and authenticity in biometric authentication processes. This is crucial in addressing the risk of biometric spoofing attacks and safeguarding customer or user data and access.

You can request a demo of Face Recognition Software with Face Compare Technology to verify and validate the authenticity of your consumer data and prevent fraud. You can also chat directly with us via WhatsApp.